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February 17, 2014

I absolutely agree with the first reviewer. If your child needs extra help and is not self motivated, this is not the school for you. I had one child that graduated from Gwinnett Online Campus and did so with honors. My other child however, isn't as motivated to learn on her own and requires a great deal of review. Needless to say my less motivated child was basically kicked out of the school. Or should I say strongly implied that she would not be able to successfully be helped in their environment and suggested I put her back into a traditional school setting even though her grades were a lot better in the GOC than the brick and motor school. (Not passing in all subjects but better) They didn't have the resources to help her achieve and be successful. In other words they gave up.

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January 23, 2014

GOC is an excellent school for students who are motivated students. The rigor of the curriculum is challenging. The administration, and teachers are understanding and willing to work with each family to individually meet the needs of each student. I currently have a child who attends GOC with a IEP and I find the school is superior to a brick and mortar in educating children with an IEP. Smaller class sizes and technology are a benefit of GOC. The added benefit of face to face labs is also a plus to the online setting. Online education is not for every student but for if you have a motivated learner who enjoys learning new technology skills for the 21st century this school may be a perfect fit for your student.

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December 10, 2013

This school is for gifted students only. If your child is exceptionally bright, motivated, and self-disciplined this school would want you to apply. They do not want any children who have special needs, who need extra help to succeed, or require IEPs. The special education chair is quite harsh and has been known to leave parents in tears as he directs them back to a "brick and mortar" school if their special needs child actually needs something. Teachers are good, but have little time or patience for a child that needs extra attention. The school is small and a self selecting group, so the students are calmer, more polite, nicer to one another than in larger "brick and mortar" schools. If you have a high achieving child this may be the school for you. If your child has extra needs, though legally mandated, this school will not help you. Better to go back to brick and mortar or look for a private school.

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