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Ivy Creek Elementary School10

Buford, GA | Gwinnett County


January 26, 2015

I'm shocked that people have left a negative rating for Ivy Creek. We moved at the end of my daughter's 2nd grade year and couldn't be happier with the teachers and staff! She is now in 4th grade and is doing great. We was always told she was above level in our old county and when we got to Ivy creek we find out she was actually average and in some levels borderline behind! Thankfully they got her up to where she needs to be fast and she is doing perfect. She is challenged everyday and has homework every night. She is a A and B student now instead of being all A's at her old school but I know now she is actually learning! The staff is always friendly and as parents we always feel welcomed any time. The teachers are great and I also love how involved the parents are! We all work together as a team! Ivy Creek is a great place to be!

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November 10, 2014

The individual teachers are great, but unless you live in one of the affluent neighborhoods and have a limitless cash flow to send to this school, your child will be left out of many activities. I appreciate that they offer so many fun and exciting experiences, but when your child comes home every day asking for money for this fundraiser and this cause, it gets ridiculous. In this era of struggling to put food on the table, I can't send in $80 every other week for the latest (and lamest) fundraisers. Does that mean my young children come home in tears because they sit in study hall while other kids go to a carnival outside? Yes it does. Does this school care? No. It's all about the money. I'm sure the wealthier families love this school, but I don't appreciate how they make my children feel like second-rate citizens.

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July 29, 2014

We love ICES!!!! My daughter has attended for three years now and have nothing negative to say. If you had a bad experience, it's probably because you handled it with the wrong attitude. You get out what you put in. STOP your complaining.

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February 27, 2014

One size fits all is this school's motto and if your child does not fit their mold look out, they will be ostracized, talked about , and labeled by these teachers. From kindergarten to fourth grade my son was singled out and watched through out his time at this school. The teachers did not like him and his fourth grade teacher made sure my son's fourth grade year here was stressful and miserable. She watched him like a hawk and would write down every single action he had throughout the day. " he got up without permission" "he's going to the bathroom too much" "he's picking at his shoes" "he's sneezing a lot and I think it's on purpose and it's a distraction". And on an administrative level it's even worse. Our experience in his fourth grade year was so bad and traumatic we moved out of county to get him in a new school and since then he's flourishing and having such success it's amazing. Despite his labeling at ivy creek which was obviously wrong. Parents beware...they are a crct test score school, that's their bottom line and what they focus on

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January 7, 2014

This school has alot to be desired. There are huge discrepencies between teachers abilities and skills at every grade level. let me give you an example. In third grade, my first child was given homework every day and had a strict teacher who worked with kids who needed xtra work. My second child had little to no homework each day as this teacher stated they had enough work while they were in class. My child was then behind when attending 4th grade although she was an A-B student. This teacher was then allowed to follow and teach the same class of kids the next year. I realized this and wouldn't allow my child to have this teacher again. Some teachers would rather be your kids and your best friend. They offer focus classes and amazingly all of the teachers kids have been chosen to attend. I asked about the testing procedures and was told that it was a combination of tests yet the teachers and faculty couldnt be specific as to what was needed or what my child needed to do to qualify. Somehow the teachers kids who attended Ivy Creek all qualified. Finally you will be bombarded with requests for your cash from letters, to emails to texts with nothing pertaining to your child.

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May 10, 2013

My child attended this school K-5. She was involved in activities and clubs every year. She did everything from sports, arts, music, and math club. She always felt safe and comfortable at this school. She is a good student without discipline problems so I never really got to know the principal or office staff. I volunteered at the school several times each and there always several parents at every event.

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January 27, 2013

This school absolutely horrible! My family moved to GA one year ago and enrolled our 1st grade daughter in ICE...from day 1 we've had nothing but setbacks, disappointments and sheer ignorance from this institution. My daughter was enrolled in private school in our previous state and we decided to take a chance on public schools based on our realtor's recommendation. The staff here for the most part are incompetent; half of them are not trained in the subject area that they are required to teach (i.e. math). The teachers here do not send home agendas therefore as parents we have no idea what our children are learning on a daliy basis, so how can we assist them at home? The teachers send home subpar homework assignments, yet test the kids on completely different subject material(it would be nice to send home relevant homework). The teachers that we've been so unfortunate to have teach our child are completely clueless as educators and need to find new professions. It is now clearly evident why the state of Georgia ranks so low in comparison to the other states when it comes to public school education. Needless to say we will be returning to private schooling and I urge others to also

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July 31, 2012

The front office staff most definitely needs a class in social skills. People should be greeted and welcomed and asked how they can be helped. There are some very good teachers at the school but there are also some subpar ones that need to move on to a different profession. The young school counselor needs to do her job and make herself available when needed - not seek out issues that do not exist. The school also needs to have more activities for the younger children. 99% of the after school clubs are for 4th and 5th graders and children want to be involved in music and sports much younger than that. Needs an anti-bullying program. Needs a sports program instead of the existing PE class that most kids seem to dislike.

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April 26, 2012

Ivy Creek has a very strong student leadership component that teaches children how to think and solve problems, challenge themselves to continuously improve and grow and be the best person they can be. The staff are very supportive of each other and most of the teachers are fabulous. The after school and before school clubs and supports offered are amazing and serve all student needs. Ivy Creek strives to remediate and enrich all students going above and beyond just a "adequate yearly progress". My children love Ivy Creek and so do I! I would move to remain here.

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February 9, 2012

Not impressed at all! Who is the principal? I have never seen her and my children have been at the school since the beginning of the school year. We came from another school just down the road and this school has been nothing but a major disappointment!! Front office staff are rude, administration is subpar and are very snotty. The only positive is 1 of my children have a great teacher the other teacher again is subpar. We will not be returning to ICE even if it means shelling out big bucks for a private school. ICE has been a major disappointment!!!

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January 18, 2012

From everything I have seen ICES is a great elementary school. I go to have lunch at times with my child, holidays, or school programs and I have never left there upset about anything I have experienced. I leave feeling thankful that my child is in a great school. Every teacher may not be a 'star' teacher but I have always been pleased with the teachers I have to deal with and they take the time to explain things to me about my child. The principle may not be standing in the front office or walking the halls - because she is running a school full of kids. I'm sure her paperwork has grown over the years the same as in any business. I'm sure a few parents have complaints because all children are not the same. Some don't like school, some are not taught respect and manners at home, some don't receive the help with schoolwork that they need at home. Kids are kids and that is just a fact. Parents can get upset when a kid does what kids do about school...complain. My experience: Front office is helpful and friendly along with teachers. If someone doesn't have a smile, well, maybe they have lost a loved one or their spouce has lost their job. I fell blessed with ICES!!!

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December 1, 2011

Not impressed! We just moved here 2months ago and purposely picked this area to live because of the schools and how "great" they are. They treat new students like cattle. They do not give new kids the opportunity to visit the school and teacher before attending. You are to bring them in, register them, and they take them to their classroom. The front office staff is uninviting and of no assistance. They wouldn't dare get uo out of their chair to assist. The teacher was not compassionate and quite inappropriate to an intimadating situation my 8 yr. old was in. She apologized, but made excuses. I get no updates and do not even know what my child is learning. I never know anything about her assignments and had to email the teacher to ask about due dates, yet, we are suppose to purchase assignment books. I've had no notification of a parent/teacher conference which I would assume was last month. Neither myself nor my husband feel comfortable walking into that school. My daughter doesn't say much, but does not want to go there. We are quickly trying to find another school. Good test scores don't mean a "great" school.

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May 27, 2011

my experience with Ivy creek has been a complete night mare! the principal and vice principle have no concern with any thing but test scores and the kids that excel! my son has been bullied in that school since we moved here in 2007 not much was done about it seems to me they wanted it to be brushed under the carpet. vice principle is an interrogator and should be working in a jail not with elementary students! this year i have finally had it and have got the professional support i need to pursue making sure this stops! all though my son is moving on to middle school they have not seen the last of me! If any thing it well save the next victim from the emotional stress my son has had to go through!

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October 31, 2010

I love ices. My son started pre k here and did great, then i sent him to a new pre k that i thought would be better and regretted it. Now he is back for kindergarden and its even better! I love this school and words cannot describe how wonderful mrs durbin is. I love it. My husband is driving 2 hrs to get to work because i don't want to lose this school.

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June 8, 2010

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this school. The staff and teachers are absolutely wonderful. They have always been very polite, helpful, eager to assist and answer questions, among others. In the 2009-2010 year, my 3 kids were enrolled from K-3. This was my fourth year at Ivy Creek. Thanks to the teachers and staff, my children have a love for learning and enjoyed going to school each day. They have all received wonderful grades and I attribute that to their teachers who truly cared about them. I'm sad to leave this summer due to relocation but I wanted to take this moment to write this review to let other parents know how great I think this school.

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