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Benefield Elementary School9

Lawrenceville, GA | Gwinnett County


October 24, 2014

Benefield elementary is a great school with wonderful resources to help parents prepare their children for future successes. Mr. Knight is one of the best resources this school has. He is one of many engaged administrative personnel who put the time, effort and energy toward initiating the generation of the world's future leaders. The only criticism I have is that parent involvement is apathetic. This school is a great school, the teachers and students do their part, but parents don't seem to have a vested interest consistently. For example, parents will show up for awards night but not for curriculum night. This school could do so much more if parents were consistently involved. If you are considering this area to move to and have young children, thoroughly consider the area and commit to helping our school be the best school in the county and state. BES is a place where magic happens. Get involved.... Thanks RS

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June 11, 2014

the best school in gwinnet county.I mosty like everything my child has been there for 7 years now and liked all those years

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February 28, 2014

My son has been attending Benefield Elementary for two years now. The teachers and administration are great. We love the school. They definitely support advanced kids...with adjusting appropriate reading and math levels. We are happy to have our son complete elementary grades at this school.

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February 11, 2014

i highly recomend benefield elementary school great teachers,principal,the nurse is such a sweetheart takes good care of the kids when they are sick my kids love it also the front desk personnel make you feel welcomed..

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February 9, 2014

I can truly say Benefield Elementary has been by far the best school that my son has been to. The staff is great but what I love about this school the most is the assistance that my son has received is amazing. His current 5th grade teacher Mrs. Myer as well as the other 5th grade staff has been working with him to help increase his grades in his weak areas. And he has improved tremendously, if you are in the Gwinett area and is not happy with your child current school I recommend you to look into this school for next school year.

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October 29, 2013

My son and daughter have been at this school for 2 years now and I am very impressed with the progress they have made. We relocated here from TN and I must admit, the core curriculum is more advanced and I enjoy the feedback from the teachers.

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June 3, 2013

The teachers are amazing - most of them. They go above and beyond to ensure students are successfull. Howeverm The administration is horrible, which I believe causes lots of problems. I have watched concerned teachers told to keep quiet and do as they are told. I've witnessed the principal refuse to disapline a child that was brought to the office for fighting. He was actually given a candy if he promised to behave and sent back to the room. All I could think was omg if this student was in my child's room the teacher must feel helpless. This was the 5th year we have been at the school and you can feel the poor moral when you walk in. Over the last several years teachers appear unhappy and over worked. You use to walk in and everyone was smiling and happy - genuine. Now is all seems fake.

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September 18, 2012

This is our second year at Benefield and we love it! I have two children who attend and have thoroughly enjoyed both the teachers and the administration at the school. We were involved with the summer reading program which received national spotlight for teachers who are willing to donate their summers to improving their students' reading abilities. I am a parent volunteer for the classroom and see many of the classes when other parents do not. The students are engaged and enthusiastic about learning (which is not as easy as you think)!!! This is a wonderful school community and I believe my children are blessed to have such amazing teachers!

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October 16, 2011

Omg, Really? Is it really the schools fault that your son don't know how listen when told to? If the school has to keep changing your sons homeroom teacher beacuse he's not listening, and constantly being bad everyday to the point where teachers/staff can't even deal with him then, YOU must be doing something wrong at home. It is not the schools responsibilly to get your child in check, no that happens at home. Yes your child is the schools responsibility for the time being that he is in school, but your kids is acting up on the daily bases everyday, then the school does not have to put up with his behavoir. That is something you need to control, because Benefield is awsome school, it has so much going for the children. So no just because the school doesnt know how to handle your child and his behavior then no it is not their fault. You need better control over your child. If your son doesn't want to listen what lunch assistants have to say if they constantly tekll him to be quite and stop fooling on the daily bases, that is your problem not theirs. I love benefield my brother goes there with last year, he has been there since the 1st grade he is now in 5th. GOOD JOB BENEFIELD(:

May 27, 2011

This is one of the WORST elementary schools in Gwinnett Cty. Very few teachers there take the steps necessary to deal with children that have behavior issues like the previous parent stated. Towards the end of the year, my childs teacher took leave and in a 3wk time span, my child's teacher was changed 3x and because none of the teachers wanted to deal with him, he was constantly passed off from teacher to teacher and was mistreated by them because of his behavior. My child walked into his classroom one morning and was immediately (without doing anything wrong) was told by his teacher to go to another room because it was friday and she didnt feel like dealing with him. Yet they wondered why he was continually giving them a hard time. They even tried to suspend him in the last week of school for not doing all of his work, then the day before school ended, they called me stating they were suspending him from the last day of school because he was talking in the cafeteria and was asked several times to stop talking and playing around. I have called the superintendants office and left several messages and to this day, have yet to receive a call back. Benefield is the absolute worse.

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September 28, 2010

School was unwilling to help my son with behavior issue before he was diagnosed with ADHD and even revoked his Transfer

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