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Haynes Bridge Middle School9

Alpharetta, GA | Fulton County


May 21, 2014

My child had a terrible problem with being bullied here, another parent had her special needs needs child being bullied. Another parent"s son was repeatledly bullied then suspended when he fought back. PE and hallways not monitored close enough. There are some caring teachers and Ms. Armstrong is a good Asst. Principal. Not all teachers use Edmodo as I was led to believe they would to communicate HW so found it very confusing to keep track of assigments, and to check mail, teacher websites, HAC. Not as many clubs, activities, and programs as neighboring Middle Schools as observed when visiting a new school for my child. Nice media ctr. and clinic staff. TAG classes crowded. You have to take three 9 wks. of PE if you don't take a music elective, which is a poor option.

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March 25, 2014

My daughter goes to Haynes Bridge and I think it is a fantastic school. It has great leadership and a very active PTA. I believe when parents are involved good things happen. It is the smallest middle school around and you really feel like everyone there tries to make a difference. Keep it up!!

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January 22, 2014

If your child is in specail needs classes the education is poor at best. These classes mix age level and the teacher has to teach to the lowest common level. Behavior problems are mixed in with learning problems. The staff does not read IEP's until they are aksed to. Accomodations are not made, even when clearly stated. Excuses excuses... Classes can't be changed without an act from congress and my child is stuck in a class she does not need because proper accomodations can't be made so my child can take a different class. My child is bright, intelligent and knows that the teachers are not teaching to the same level as the main stream classes and this is discouraging my child. When my child complains that they are not learing what the other kids are being taught there is a problem. The school and teachers will not addressing the issues.

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November 2, 2013

My kids and I enjoy Haynes Bridge Middle school. It is the right fit for my children. I agree with the 'responsible for your own actions' approach that this school has a policy. This proves to be affective. While at the same time, they should reach when grades and behavior gets too out of control. So far there are sufficient after school activities to peak a child's interest. My son is in robotics. I am impressed by that because that was started by a parent's suggestion. Letting me know, open communication is respected and acted upon. I love this school because the teachers are really involved...most of the use Edmodo a lot to communicate assignments, examples, expectations, and necessary changes and updates. I know my children are being prepared for high school.

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May 22, 2013

My children have attended five different schools in three different states and Haynes Bridge IS the best. Haynes Bridge has teachers that seem to care, many involved parents, and most students are respectful of teachers, other students, and themselves. The building is reasonable well maintained and resources seem to be adequate. My children have made better friends quicker at Haynes Bridge then at any other school. The children also like the teachers and so do I. All schools have some issues and no school is perfect for all students, but there are fewer issues at Haynes Bridge than at most schools. This is even more impressive being a Middle School, which are some of the hardest years. The other school my children attended in GA was Barnwell Elementary and Hayes Bridge is an improvement.

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May 12, 2013

This school is truly amazing if you are in on level classes. The teachers are great and don't give too much work. However, if you are in TAG or advanced classes, beware. The teachers are not as prepared and are not always able to keep the class under control and, at times, downright lazy. It appears as though the administration puts are many kids in the upper classes are possible, whether or not they are qualified. This means teachers are forced to slow lessons down, make them easier, and stop to explain to kids who honestly shouldn't be there. In my accelerated (a year ahead) math class, there were two girls who skipped ahead this year without catching up on the work they were supposed to and wasted hours of our class time over the year asking questions that they should already know the answer. The teacher and administration of course, did nothing. Sixth grade teachers are good, seventh grade decent, and eighth grade bad. Foreign language classes are usually overcrowded unless you take German. I enjoyed my time here overall, but this last year has been difficult due to lack of help from my teachers.

April 3, 2012

Great after school programs. Just 2 little tweaks, there are writings on the restroom walls, and subs tend to yell a lot. Overall, the teachers are GREAT at sticking to teaching. There IS Silent Lunch, ISS, OSS, and Detention.

February 17, 2012

I enjoy going to this school, they have good lunches. I do disagree with the teachers way of communicating with the students. Disipline is important, Im of aware of that fact. The teachers are the authority and we should respect them, I do. They disipline, their mehod of doing that is lacking. Teachers expect us to respect them when half of them dont respect us. That's where our "disrespectful attitiude" comes in. Everyday, I see teachers punishing students based on what they saw. Drawing conclusions w/o even knowing what happened. Sometimes, they are correct with their punishment. Most of the time they are not. Mr. Rifkin (8th grade) is a prime example of a teacher who DOES respect his students. In return, students respect him. Also, substitute teachers need better instructional guidlines. We are often faced w/ "busy work" when a sub is in. They usually yell at us, just for asking what they would call a 'stupid question".

June 25, 2010

My daughter just graduated after 3 years there. I thinks she's gotten good preparation for high school. It is very different from elementary in terms of my being at the school as a parent - those lunches with your kid are over! They push the kids to be responsible for themselves academically & there is comparatively less parental face time w/ teachers - perhaps a good thing. Usually when I asked for teacher communication I got it, but its not like what you get in elementary. Excellent counselors at Haynes Bridge - very responsive, caring, dedicated. Middle school appears to be just that - stuck in the middle; i.e. caught between the high monitoring of elementary school & the pre-college intensity of high school. New principal coming in Fall 2011.

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September 16, 2009

It has talented teachers.

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July 20, 2009

The school format is great and there are many options for students of most skills and interests. My disappointment is from the poor teacher communication in years 2006-2009. I cannot tell you how many times I gave my child a tongue lashing about a ParentConnect notice (email about missing assignments) to find out the teacher was not loading data in a timely manner. The few times I sent a note to the teachers, I got a response 'tell you Mom the info is not current' Had my son's end of period grade not reflected that as so, I would have not known what to expect. On another instance, I got a call from a teacher three week's before end of school to say the teacher was not going to sponsor my child for a higher class next semester for lack of effort, when I gotten NO communication before.

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May 28, 2009

I have to disagree with the parent that says little is done to encourage parents to be involved except for the Eagle Edition. I was on the PTA board there for several years and we had numerous volunteer opportunities and we posted pleas for help on the website, the PTA website, the Eagle Edition, through flyers, posters and e-mails. Any parent who wants to be involved can be involved as much as as little as they like. The opportunities are there if you as a parent stay informed. I have had 3 children go through Haynes Bridge and all were well prepared for high school. I found Mrs. Reeves to be approachable and she told things straight up. Mrs. Boldus, a TAG teacher there was one of the best teachers my children ever had and they all learned from her.

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May 27, 2009

I absolutley love hayne bridge middle school I mean they offer so many oppurtunities and the teachers are very much so helpful and to mrs Reeves, Mrs.Inn, Mrs.oxford you are the best thankyou so much im going to miss you

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August 9, 2008

This is an amazing school and is culturally diverse. Like the world we live in. I have two children there and I have never had one incident with Ms. Reeves. The teachers and councelors have always been supportive of my special needs child. I would highly reccommend this school!

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May 3, 2008

Haynes Bridge is a pretty good school academically. They are not always fair to the Hispanic and Black students. The principal is rude and fake to students and parents.

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