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Sharon Elementary School10

Suwanee, GA | Forsyth County


June 13, 2013

Sharon Elementary is a wonderful, top-ranked school located in South Forsyth County, GA. Even though the school is large, the school administration, staff and teachers make you feel that your child is the most important child at the school. The teachers at Sharon Elementary challenge their students and encourage the students to excel and exceed expectations. Both of my children have thrived at this school. Sharon Elementary has an excellent outdoor learning center called the Digs which allows students to observe and participate in the study of nature and the environment. The school is heavily involved in BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) which uses technology in the classroom teaching/learning experience. The school has recently updated the schools Media Center to include C.A.S.T.L.E. (Collaborative and Social Technology Learning Enviornment). This was completed at the end of the 2012-2013 school year. I cannot wait for my children to experience C.A.S.T.L.E. in the next school year. Sharon is a wonderful environment for children to grow.

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July 16, 2011

We currently have 3 kids at Sharon Elementary and absolutely love it. They truly care for my kids and know them by name. My oldest has mild special needs and has completely excelled at Sharon. I can't say enough positive things about the school.

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February 25, 2011

We are very very very pleased with Sharon Elementary School. This is my child's last year at SES; we moved into the area 3 years ago (because of the school) and are sad to see this elementary chapter of my son's life ending. The teaching staff is stellar. The administration creates an exciting, active, fun learning and safe environment for the children. Some teachers are just ok; they may just teach to the test; and my son got it that year. But most teachers are beyond words. they are wonderful teachers and positive encouraging resources to their students. They take their students on a journey of learning and adventure and academic success. (Thank you, Mrs. Reid.) These teachers create a classroom of community learners and the children excell and love school. We are very blessed to have Sharon Elementary as our public school. This school is positively recognized by the state because it is the BEST. The teachers offer a warm supportive encouraging environment with appropriate high expectations for children. Sharon Elementary School is a great learning environment.

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February 4, 2011

My child was at a nearby school (literally right down the road) and after 1 year there, we decided it was time to find a better school, so we set our sites on Sharon's district, then made the move. We couldn't be happier!!!! The administration is wonderful. There is weekly communication from the administration as well as the teacher. Everyone is easily approachable and very involved. What a difference from the last Forsyth school we were at. The PTA at this school is very informative and non-pushy and the PTA doesn't demand membership and they keep the membership due fair and reasonable. The after school events are accommodating to working parents. The after school program, Knight's Academy, is a great program and offers additional sessions the kids can sign up for. My child would rather be at Knight's Academy then take the bus home because of all the fun they have. Overall, we are very pleased with the school, teachers and administration.

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February 1, 2011

I have had 3 children attend Sharon, 2 of which are still there. Sharon is an incredible school with wonderful teachers, administration and parental involvement! Every teacher we have had has been sincerely interested and invested in my childrens' education--and his social well being beyond that. I have a mildly special needs child, and he has made leaps and bounds at Sharon. The best proof, however, is the fact that my daughter went to Sharon and is now in 9th grade at lambert, the local high school. She is in ALL advanced and AP classes and has straight As, even though her curriculum and work load is vigorous. Sharon prepared her SO WELL for middle and high school-and isnt that what elementary schools are for--to adequately prepare our kids for what lies ahead? I feel so fortunate to live in this school district.

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April 18, 2010

It is full of great hard working teachers and students!

March 25, 2010

We've had a decent, if not stellar experience with my son at this school. The school facilities are great and some of the teachers are excellent. However, we have also had teachers that literally taught to the test and were not inspiring. Parents are pretty involved but sometimes you just cannot be on top of every move. My main complaint, however has to do with the redistricting. The county redistricts every two years, it seems, so please be aware that your children can get shuffled around over the course of their elementary school ages. In my son's case, this was extremely disruptive and with another round of redistricting (see the county's website set to begin, it's always on the back of my mind.

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September 4, 2007

I am very impressed with the quality of instruction at Sharon. I have a child with special needs and the services he has received have been outstanding. Both of my children's teachers are caring and make learning fun. They love to teach!

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August 18, 2007

We moved from Fulton to Forsyth county and our 1st grader goes to Sharon Elementary School. Yes, he is very excited and happy everyday and we love the school too.

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August 17, 2007

Sharon Elementary is a wonderful school. I currently have 3 children in the school and am impressed with the academic programs as well as the extracurricular activities. Now that the new school (Johns Creek Elementary) has opened the over crowded conditions have been eliminated. It is a wonderful environment for any family to be a part of. We moved from Michigan where I thought we attended great schools. I was hoping Sharon would be equal to Michigan Schools. However, Sharon has exceeded my expectations.

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July 13, 2007

Very academically advanced.

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April 30, 2007

One of the wonderful things about Forsyth schools, are the buses. The buses save us time and it cuts down on the traffic in our beautiful, growing community.(less cars on the road means cleaner air) Our son attended Sharon. The school provided a great learning environment as well as a safe one. The parent involvement at this school is phenomenal!

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March 4, 2006

My child is currently enrolled at Sharon Elementary, however, I will be transferring to another school soon. There is a serious traffic drop off problem with this school! Beware! When you turn into the entrance in the morning, it takes 10-15 minutes to drop your child off! Which is resulting in unbelievable tardies!

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