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Peachtree City, GA | Fayette County


January 16, 2015

Good test ratings are not everything. My daughter attended Peachtree City Elementary this year and I completely agree with other posts regarding an overall elitist attitude in this school. I was unable to attend the parent/teacher orientation as I am a single mom and had work and school myself that day. I was given dirty looks and a harsh attitude when we showed up on the first day without a nap mat (which I immediately purchased from the front office) and I assume it was because of this that the teacher did not even look my direction when I introduced myself to her on the first day ( and every other day after ). My daughter never had a problem with the teachers in the room but the attitude they gave off was disappointing at best. As far as the principal goes - she called me personally with a very rude and demeaning attitude to debate why I chose not to vaccinate my daughter. This was after I had turned in all necessary paperwork for vaccine exemption attendance to my knowledge. She told me this was the first time she had ever dealt with a child who had not been vaccinated and gave me the run around on needing additional forms. My daughter changed schools shortly after.

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December 8, 2014

I've been a PTC mom for 5 years. My youngest has 1 +year left. My kids have done well, but I admit I was nodding my head as I read some recent negative posts. I worry my kids will learn the attitude of one recent positive poster, to "consider the source," as if it is perfectly ok to dismiss arguments if the person making the argument perhaps doesn't participate enough, or has another perceived flaw. I have mom friends who love the school with enthusiasm. I am grateful that my kids have received a great academic education, but I worry about the elitist attitude displayed in some of the recent defensive, dismissive posts.

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December 7, 2014

Peachtree City Elementary is the best school in Fayette County. The nurturing, home like atmosphere starts at the front door with the wonderful administration and office staff. They are friendly to me every time I am there. I am not sure about the former person who posted that the principal only talks to well dressed people...totally untrue. She's always very kind to me and I do not wear anything fancy. The teachers work very hard and our put the kids first. One person mentioned fundraisers....the number each school has is set by the board of education. The statement that pces has them every week is ridiculous and inaccurate. If you don't want to participate in the fundraiser, don't. I don't participate in some and it has never been an issue. I can't say enough about the dedicated professionals at Peachtree City Elementary. I just wish it went through 12th grade. We don't want to leave!

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December 6, 2014

I am new to the school and just finished running the annual 5k Jingle Bell Trail Race. It was fantastic and just one example of the level of excellence this school displays. I spoke with staff and they had 58 sponsors, received over $10,000 in sponsorships, had about 850 runners, and is the largest school community race in the county. From the day to day stuff- the entire staff is respected and involved. I have never heard one negative thing about PCES. I also have nothing but positive things to say. My 3 children are happy and every one of their teachers is top notch. If you ever read anything negative, consider the source- it is probably from an uninvolved, self-centered parent. You know the kind- every school has them.

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December 5, 2014

Hard to pick 1 thing to describe my disappointment. I only have 1200 characters, so I will pick fundraisers.They happen every week, each one is set up to penalize those who don't participate. I've seen fundraisers that are team building and fun. Here the only fundraisers I've seen (did I mention they have a new one EVERY week) are the GOTCHA type -that attitude is everywhere. Fundraisers alone would be insignificant, but it as a concrete way to describe an ever-pervasive attitude among every staff member I've dealt with. An example is the box tops. As a parent, you need to buy processed food from GM, cut out the box tops and send them with your child. If you don't participate, your kid will sit and watch as popcorn is passed out to all the kids whose mommies did participate. All the weekly fundraisers are set up like this. All of them will publically make a kid whose parents don't participate feel excluded. Has no one thought of having fundraising teams. the winning team gets first choice among prizes. I've not seen a single effort to encourage togetherness. It's a terrible environment, and fundraisers is only a rather insignificant example of a very signicant problem.

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May 25, 2010

This was my child's first year in public school, having been in a Montessori environment through 3rd grade. Everyone made him feel welcome and part of the group. The staff is extremely caring and attentive. They really know how to run a school efficiently and effectively to make the whole school experience really fun. My son has really enjoyed himself. The big negative in my mind about this school, however, is the junky food being served in the cafeteria, including the ice cream freezer and the slush puppy machine. If they would get rid of that, things would be great! Overall, I'm happy, though.

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October 8, 2009

The school has a family atmosphere where children are treated with love and respect. They offer different kinds of after school activities that children enjoy participating, like chorus and other clubs.

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February 22, 2009

PTC Elementary couldn't have been a better choice for my children. All the staff and teachers are very caring. My 1st grader is reading at a nearly 4th grade reading level. I love going to the school and seeing all the kids so happy in hallways. It is truly like an extension of your home. My kids love going to school and never want to miss a day.

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July 14, 2008

PTC Elementary is a wonderful school. It may not be the newest and best in the city, however it is not the building that makes the school. The Teachers, Staff and Parents work together to provide students with quality education. Parent involement is key to your childs success. The doors are open to the entire building for volunteers, whether you have an hour or muliple hours each week. You will not find a more loving or caring group of Teachers anywhere.

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November 13, 2007

Our daughter has been attending PTC Elementary since kindergarten. We have found the school to be very student oriented and above all, very dedicated to give gifted students every opportunity to accel. We are lookig froward to send our three younger children to this school as well.

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July 11, 2007

I've had 3 children in this school and do not have one complaint. This school brings out the best in each child. I can't thank Mrs. Robinson enough for the change she has brought about in my oldest child. My oldest son had a difficult teacher in the past that had him thinking that all teachers were out to get him so he started not to care. Mrs. Robinson took a special interest in him and would not let him fall between the cracks and showed him that teachers really do care that their kids learn. All of my kids have enjoyed all of their teachers here so much. It will be a hard day when we have to leave because everyone cares so much.

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April 4, 2007

We moved to Peachtree City for the quality of the schools here, and Peachtree City Elementary has far exceeded our expectations. The staff is outstanding, and the whole school is warm & nurturing. I am very impressed with the individualized instruction both my daughters have received as well as the hands-on learning that goes on throughout the school. Fayette County runs a fantastic school system, but PCES is tops in my book as a GREAT SCHOOL!

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March 20, 2006

This school is awesome! It has worked wonders for my son who is in kindergarten. At the beginning of this school year he could not read, recognize all of his letters and numbers and now he is reading, spelling, excelling in math and it is great. He is so excited about learning and going to see his teacher Ms. Vied. She is the a great teacher. At his school before it was like he was learning nothing, we would teach him at home but it was like nothing was happening. Ms. Vied has given my baby a jump start and he is ready to go. I have a daughter there also and she is just brilliant her teacher Ms. Newman is great! She is eager to learn and just loves being there. The office staff are very friendly, everyone seems to work well together as a team. This school rocks!

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February 22, 2005

This is a great school. Lots of parental involvement. Plenty of opportunity for active families to learn with your children. It is not the newest school but we moved our family into this area for this particular school. Plenty of caring and nurturing shines from every classroom.

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